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Salida Christian Counseling Serves Alamosa, Colorado
81 Miles In Distance - Visit In-Person As Needed, Telephonic Counseling To Fill In Gaps

Sangre De Cristo Mountains, CO

My name is Steve Garufi, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Salida, and I offer my counseling services to the community of Alamosa, Colorado.

Seeing a therapist can be a sensitive matter in a small town. Usually there are limited options. There's also a risk of seeing your counselor in public, or perhaps "rubbing shoulders" with him or her in other places that may be awkward.

Here's my offer: If you need a therapist, come to Salida once. My physical office on Highway 50 (1021 E. Rainbow Boulevard) is 81 miles away from Alamosa. We can have a one-hour session (or two), and then, if we build rapport and you like my services, we can do more counseling by telephone to save you time and fuel costs.

Some of my specializations include: Men's issues, sex/pornography addiction for men, drug and alcohol addiction, healing from trauma and abuse, depression and self-image, teens, families and relationships in crisis and helping teens over matters of fatherlessness. You can read my biography here.

Although I generally work regular business hours, I try to be flexible with offering appointments on week nights and occasionally on weekends.

Steve Garufi, Licensed Professional Counselor
Salida Christian Counseling
Phone: 719-221-4477

Salida Christian Counseling
1201 East Rainbow Boulevard, Salida, Colorado 81201
Phone: 719-221-4477


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