Counseling For Men

My List of Specialties and Common Issues

When people ask me about what I specialize in, frequenlty I say "men's counseling." On this page are the most common men's issues that I have experience in. Of course, some of these issues are interchangable with other populations such as women or teens.

Sex Addiction / Pornography Addiction

I wrote a seperate article dedicated to sex and porn addiction. It is such a common problem in our society. So many men don't know what to do. They need someone who won't judge them. They need someone who understands and can coach them out of it. Men can and do get free of this. Don't put this off any longer. Contact me now.

Martial and Relationship Issues

Some men seek counseling when their marriages and/or relationships are having difficulties. Men need help with talking about what's happening, what they're thinking and feeling, and how best to move forward. Sadly, sometimes men wait until it's "too late" and the marriage is all but certain to be headed toward divorce. Whatever the case, I have had success in helping men grow into being better fathers, husbands, leaders, friends, etc.

Crisis Counseling

It can be a man's sex addiction that is straining a marriage (a combination of the two above), but there are other crises. It could be a health crisis that shatters one's ability to work and provide for his family. It can be a parental crisis related to a child or teen you're raising. It may be other family issues. Spiritual issues. Or grief and loss.

Work and Career Matters

Sometimes men need to talk through difficulties with their job, workplace and career. It's not enough to make a living; men need to feel like they're making a difference, and that they're needed and respected. In some instances, there may be a conflict between one's values and ethics and the expectations of one's boss. With work and career, counseling tends to be short-term and solution-focused to help you get the insight you need to move forward.

Matters of Self-Worth

It may be an adult man who was raised by an alcoholic Dad. Or, a man who grew up without a father. Workaholic men. Men recovering from an addiction who want God to make them a better person. There are men who wrestle with low self-worth because of obesity, financial failure, or being injured in work/ministry settings. Whatever the case, there are healing issues that many men would benefit to take on.

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