The Nail In The Forehead ... Ouch!

This will make you laugh, and it's a great conversation piece, too. :)

So much to say. A few points:

  • If only most of life's problems could be solved by pulling a nail out of someone's forehead! (I wish.)

  • In general, I agree that men tend to make attempts to fix people's problems to the exclusion listening and empathizing well, but I also know plenty of women who also immediately jump to "fixing" too.

  • As a therapist, there is a balance. I always strive to listen, listen and listen more. It requires work on my part to help my clients see that I fully understand what they're going through. However, there are many situations where, it is obvious that listening and empathy isn't enough. My client want my wisdom and advice based on my years of experience with a particular topic, and I must give it to them!

    -Steve Garufi, LPC

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