Sex and Pornography Addiction Help For Men

Pornography has become a full-blown epidemic that steals the vitality of men's lives. If it's not pornography, it may be another form of "sex addiction" (as its often termed) with compulsive affairs, visiting strip clips, seeing prostitues and other behaviors. There is a lie that communicates, "If it's between consenting adults then nobody's getting hurt," but sexual sin harms everyone: men, women, children, families, marriages, careers, etc. All the while, the addiction tends to make men selfish, less of a husband and less of a leader -- a shell of what God has planned for him.

For men, the seeds of pornography addiction usually starts when they were young, perhaps when they were a teen. Then problem grew worse with the Internet and the ease of access for sexually explicit material. The habit grows. It becomes a secret. Deep down, many men (particularly Christian men) know they should do something about it, but what? New Year's resolutions don't work. Trying to stop on one's own rarely works. Often the habit grows well into one's adult years.

The sad truth is many men don't seek help for sex addiction ... until they get caught. Their wife finds out and seeks a seperation. Their sexual behavior get so out-of-control that they lose their job. Or somehow, their problem is exposed publicly and their reputation is ruined.

Begin Your Recovery - You Can Get Free!

I have had years of experience helping men regain their sexual integrity. Often this is called your personal "recovery" -- your masculine journey toward wholeness and freedom.

The first step is to admit to another human being that you have a problem. You can not do it alone. While every plan is different, counseling usually includes a mix of three things. All of them require hard work:

1. Accountability - Having people in your life whom you're accountable to with regards to your personal growth and recovery.

2. Unlearning habits and changing one's lifestyle - There are practical techniques and strategies that all men can do to win battles over lust and sexual temptation.

3. Address healing issues through the power in Jesus Christ - A wise friend once said, "It's not what you're recovering from, but what you're recovering TO." Often, there are deeper "heart of the matter" issues that a man must work through. I'm convinced God's healing power has got to be included in one's growth.

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Whatever is your situation, now is your time. Don't put off this any longer. You peace and happiness are waiting. You can get free of sex addiction. Call now to make an appointment.

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Note: My counseling practice is in Salida, Colorado, but I also offer telephone counseling for those who live long distance. This is my video elaborating on some of the points on this page.

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