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Browns Creek Falls

There are many personal growth issues that I'm interested in with my young female clients.

Body Image - One common pitfall for young women is the trap of becoming unhappy and/or obsessed with one's body image. Worldly cultural messages abound that tell women they're not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, etc. Slipping down the road toward an eating disorder or other destructive behaviors are common. It's hard work for the client, but it's so worth it to get to the other side -- where one is content with who they are and how they look, and ultimately grounded in knowing they are deeply loved as a child of God.

Depression and Self-Worth - Many young women don't feel lovable. They live with the deep-rooted belief that they don't deserve to be happy, safe or worth fighting for. In some cases, a young woman struggling with depression or unbearable sadness might have suicidal thoughts.

There are other behavioral problems such as self-harming habits ("cutting"), drug or alcohol abuse, or resorting to premarital sex to fill the void in their hearts. But none of those things work. In romantic relationships, women with low self-worth may settle for not-so-great men because their fear of being alone is overwhelming. This challenge -- to feel good about ourselves and to view oneself as God sees them -- is a lifelong journey that's worth addressing in counseling.

Fatherlessness - Along with rampant divorce and broken families, fatherlessness is a huge epidemic in our society. Young women who grow up without a father (or without a positive male role model) are at risk of many troubles down the road. I explore this matter with my female clients with sensitivity. Often there is growth and healing to be found for those courageous enough to seek it.

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