Telephone Counseling - Can It Work For Me?

There are advantages to telephone counseling over traditional in-person therapy. While it may not be appropriate in all circumstances, there are benefits in some cases. Although not required, it may be ideal for the client to come once to the Salida Christian Counseling office in Salida, Colorado, and then once rapport has been built after one or more sessions, the client and I can begin long distance work via telephone.

Below are a few specific advantages:

You Live Long Distance

For those who seek my counseling services because of one of my specializations (such as male sex addiction or helping women with relationship issues), telephone counseling can solve the problem of physical distance. Others may contact me because of my reputation as a Christian counselor from presentations I have made at retreats and conferences.

You Live in a Rural Area

Many small towns offer inadequate or minimal counseling resources, and for some, one might live in such a remote region that to drive a long distance to the nearest therapist is impractical. Telephone counseling solves this by allowing two people to meet at the same time, even if at different places.

You Feel Threatened To Speak to ANYONE in Your City

Whether you live in a small town or large city, you might be in a position where you'd feel threatened to speak to any professional in your region. Maybe you're a high profile individual such as a pastor, politician or celebrity. Telephone counseling with a therapist in a far away state like Colorado can ease the worries of being "found out" that you're seeking help.

When Telephone Counseling Isn't a Good Idea

Telephone counseling is not suitable when one has a significant mental health issue(s) that deems it necessary to be assessed in-person. Body language and face-to-face communication is so important in such instances. Also, matters related to severe depression, anxiety, suicidal/homocidal ideation and psychotic disorders, etc. should be dealt with by a professional in-person.

Telephone Counseling Can Be Just As Effective As In-Person Therapy

If you have questions about how telephone counseling can work for you, please call or email me. We can discuss specific details about your situation and figure out together whether it may be a good fit. Also, if you decide to opt out of telephone counseling, I may be able to refer you to a good therapist in your area.

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