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Counseling For Women

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There are a variety of clinical and personal growth issues that I'm interested in with my female clients.

Depression and Self-Image - The cultural messages that attack a woman's sense of self-worth are many:

"You're not smart enough,"
"No one will love or protect you,"
"If only you lost ten pounds,"

Those are a few examples. But God wants you to know you are -- how he sees and knows you -- verses the messages imparted to you by TV commercials, fashion magazines and societal norms.

Whatever our struggle, often our self-worth takes a hit. We blame ourselves. We feel hopeless at solving our problems. Sometimes we get bitter toward God and others. The problem is hard enough, and then how we feel about the problem compounds our suffering.

Healing From Abuse and Trauma - Childhood abuse from dysfunctional families. Abuse. Neglect. Sexual assault. Traumatic experiences related to death and dying. Problematic relationships and marriages. Divorce. Whatever the issues, God wants to bring healing and wholeness to your heart. He wants you to be restored in Him.

Relationships in Crisis - One of the most common matters that prompts women to seek counseling are problems in her relationships. The marriage is going sour. There is a crisis with one of her children. Sometimes it's a workplace matter. Having a husband with a sex or pornography addiction is another thing that usually causes much pain and sorrow in the heart of a woman. Building trust, stronger communication or increasing intimacy with a spouse are other common themes.

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